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First Aid

HSE compliant training built around the hazards of your workplace

Compliant to all the learning outcomes of the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, with optional learning outcomes to help integrate first aid into your workplace
Effective practical simulations bring first aid to life in your workplace, our trainers combine training with observations to answer questions relevant to you and your team
Accredited and fully quality assured, each training experience can be augmented with sector specific add ons to customise your emergency response in the workplace

Not all first aid training is the same

First aid training is clearly something which is essential for people worldwide, no matter which industry they are in. But not many people know how important it is to receive first aid training courses which are specifically adapted for people of different ages and physical conditions. Being able to provide basic life support for anyone who needs it is essential in a whole range of situations.

Adults and children have very different needs when it comes to receiving first aid. Our paediatric first aid courses are perfect for nannies or child supervisors. If you work with the frail or elderly, then you’ll need to be trained to handle and support vulnerable people in the correct manner. There’s also the case of workplace first aid, which needs to be customised to particular working environments and regularly refreshed so it can always accommodate for unexpected emergencies, like fires.  As part of our response to COVID-19, we are now offering first aid training online.


If you want to see the questions we get from others either looking or participating in our first aid training courses, take a look at some of our FAQs below. For any further information, feel free to contact us.

Businesses need to comply with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, which means that there must be enough adequately trained individuals who are capable of providing care in the workplace. This means that in most workplaces, a qualified first-aider is a legal requirement.
  • First Aid responders will be trained to react in life-saving situations 
  • Employees will feel safer at work, especially if they work in a hazardous or accident-prone environment, such as a warehouse or construction site 
  • Health & Safety Executive guidelines will be met
  • In case of an injury, there will be a reduced recovery time for staff members if they are treated correctly on-site before the emergency services arrive
  • General safety awareness levels will rise.
Yes, we always try to make our training as engaging as possible. In topics such as first aid, it’s important to get hands-on experience and really understand what you’re doing.

Our story

Here at Vital Workplace Training, we aim to provide the most informative and engaging first aid training courses possible. We don’t just mindlessly reel off sessions, we deliver customised courses which impart crucial knowledge and inspire lasting memories.

Our story in first aid comes from our desire to make the workplace a safe environment for everyone. For some people, work is an office. For others, it’s a quarry or an industrial power plant. No matter where you work, accidents can happen, which shows that workplace first aid training is something everyone should receive. Whether you’re based in Essex or London, a first aid training session is only a phone call away.

I have had the pleasure to meet & to be trained by Richard & Dan. Their passion for first aid was really enthusiastic & I was really impressed by their training material & first point of contact witness statements. It really made a difference compared to other first aider training.

Francois-Xavier Martin

Park Plaza

Some of the organisations we have worked with

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Our paediatric first aid courses our OFSTED approved, so you can be sure that you’re being trained up to industry standards. To find out more, feel free to contact us at any time. You can also take a look at our workplace first aid annual refresher here.

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