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Workplace Skills

From customer service to office safety, we offer training adapted to the diverse workplace

The best way to minimise the issue of substandard service is to train your staff to give exactly as they would expect to receive. Combine these courses with compliance to add the finishing touch
All sectors and services need to enhance the training experience to the personal element of their own workplace, so our trainers do onsite walkthroughs to get the heart of your training
All training offered in this area comes with a certificate accredited to all the necessary learning outcomes to show competence and confidence in your workplace

Feeling confident and comfortable at work is a basic requirement for everyone. Regardless of which sector you’re in, it’s important that you feel like you’ve got the training you need to succeed. Our workplace skills training sessions will inspire confidence in your staff and help to break down barriers so everyone can perform at the best of their abilities.

We have experience in providing workplace training across a range of industries. Whether you need to learn equality and diversity basics or comprehensive GDPR training, we can provide a bespoke training session for you and your team. Our focus on your particular working environment will allow us to deliver a course which is directly relevant to you, to make sure that you only learn what’s really relevant.


Want to know more about our Workplace Skills courses? Our FAQs might give you your answer. If not, then just get in touch.

Our speciality is customising all of our courses to our client’s needs. We have a vast wealth of experience in delivering courses to a wide range of sectors. We know how to tailor a course to a specific line of work and because we travel to our client to deliver the training, we can make sure you’re comfortable in your environment throughout the session.
Yes, we have a number of courses that have both a basic and advanced session available. Have a look at our full list of courses or contact us for more information.
Yes, we can deliver the GDPR training online. We can also do online versions of some of our other courses - if you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.

Our story

As an experienced training provider, Vital Workplace Training now knows the best way to deliver training. But we didn’t stumble across this by accident. Through years of hard work we’ve learned that there’s no easy way to deliver the best training – you’ve got to surpass expectations.

We achieve this by travelling to our trainees to deliver the training on their premises. This allows us to gain a better understanding of their working environment, and deliver our training in a way they’ll understand. What separates us from others is our desire to deliver first-rate training that’s both fun and educational.

Really impressed with my training with Vital. The course was engaging and informative, and I came away feeling like I had learnt so much. Richard is brilliant at not only teaching important first aid skills, but also building confidence so that I would feel able to put them into practice if needed.

Jo Briault, Director

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Some of our clients

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