Our Story

Our beginning is humble and diverse. Vital Workplace Training Group Ltd started when a need was recognised in the workplace. First Aid is a under recognised subject in Health and Safety, as it doesn’t belong in either the Medical world or Health and Safety.

Seeing this, the Founders, Richard Penny and Dan Smith sat down and thought “how can we change the overall attitude towards First Aid in the Workplace?” After a bit of quick research, a few coffees and a lot of workplace walks, they soon found that the regulations for First Aid had largely remained untouched for over 35 years. What adaptions had been added had no major changes over Workplace practice. Well, when faced with a challenge of a training subject that is not flexible, stale and outdated, what do you do? How about make the client and their Workplace the focus.

As the idea flourished, so did the working relationship between the Founders. It became clear that working together towards the goal of renovating not just First Aid, but Workplace Health and Safety training as a sector needed experience, co-operation and innovation. The calm and thoughtful talents and tactics of Marketing, Customer Relations and Project Management brought by Richard were mixed together with the chaotic and explosive skills of Critical Thinking, Emergency Planning and Innovation of Dan. What happened next was the result. Vital Workplace Training Ltd was formed as the coming together of several small companies who have the same objective; change training forever

Vital Workplace Training Group utilises the principles that each small business brings that to create a wonderful personality of its own. The unique variations that each trainer and business offers builds the perfect environment for your team to learn how to change their workplace positively and for the better


The visionaries

Daniel Smith

Dan is the creative force at the forefront of Vital, with over 12 years of experience in the Emergency Sector. Dan has been in many practical Workplace scenarios both here, as well as in Compassion Medical, his own company in Event Support and Pre-Hospital care.

Born and bred in Essex, Dan spends his time between his passions of his faith, his wife and two children, emergency care and driving. When not involved in a community project or working, he can be seen in front of the BBQ or the swimming pool (but at the same time)

Richard Penny

Richard is the operations guru behind Vital, with over 15 years experience developing and running training contracts. As well as working hard for Vital, Richard also manages to find time to run Barclay Penny Training as he loves nothing more than getting into the training room to train. 

A proud Scotsman from the West Coast of Ayrshire, Richard is passionate about golf and Rugby, and although his rugby playing days are well and truly over he can often be seen on the golf course and heard at Murrayfield cheering on Scotland.