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Our Mission

Change the world of workplace training to adapt to the ever changing and working environment

The Vital Values

As an organisation built by like minded trainers and innovators, we strive to connect vital experience and creative passion with the local communities and national workplaces. We do this by sticking to our 3 key values: 

Client centred - Our training is built around you, your team, and your workplace. We offer flexible training schedules, locations, and content to reflect the unique workplace you use
Budget-friendly - Good training should not break the bank. From monthly subscriptions, to one off team members on open venue courses, we will help you find the right solution
Experience-laden - The right trainer, the right workplace. Each trainer has the knowledge and expertise in their area of instruction, refined in jargon free training

Our story

As an organisation, Vital Workplace Training Group started on the back of an innocent, yet challenging statement: 

 How do we make Workplace training fun AND effective?” 

This is the vision upon which we build all of our courses.

Where we got started

The founders, Richard Penny and Dan Smith began with First Aid. A subject that is not only an important necessity in the workplace, but it also does not call any single category home. The overall problem is that the guidelines, although updated frequently, have not changed since 1981. No one has really looked into Health and Safety, Workplace training and First Aid to make an engaging training experience that is relevant to the specific workplaces. Focus shifted from working in two separate passionate micro-companies and the collaboration of Vital Workplace.

The more the idea flourished, the more the working relationship between the founders grew. The calm and thoughtful talents and tactics of marketing, customer relations and project management brought by Richard were mixed with the chaotic and explosive skills of critical thinking, emergency planning and innovation of Dan. It became clear that first aid was not the only thing that needed a touch of experience and personality. It was time to bring the collective knowledge together and take it to the workplace.

As we grow, the individual personalities of the trainers and organisations will remain, feeding vital information and practices into the training for you and your team. We want to continue developing, ensuring we are providing practical training that will provide you with essential skills. At the same time, we will ensure that how we deliver training remains engaging, never making training a chore.

Our founders

Getting training organised is a pain. However, working with Vital was an easy process. They were helpful in advising which courses were best for the employees. Flexible when it came to the training times to fit in with our shops' opening hours. We would recommend for all your mandatory training needs.

Mark Russell, Operations Director


Latest news

Mental Health

World Mental Health Day

As we look at the theme this year, which is Mental Health is a Universal Human Right, we remember that there are some crucial questions to ask.

NHS Health Care Induction Campaign

Delivering a fully tailored induction package to both prospective and qualified health care assistants, completing their Level 2 Care certificate.

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