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Industrial & Manufacturing

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The industrial and manufacturing workplace is a fluid and dynamic centre of productivity and movementwith a very unpredictable workflow model. As supply chains and production systems are returning to the UK, we need to be prepared to assess the risks they pose and provide a bespoke and personalised solution for it. Too long has generic training gone in the place of suitable and bespoke practices, let us show just how individual your workplace is. 

Training in this sector include general health and safety, transport and warehousing, working in a single team and specialised industry 

Training for industrial & manufacturing workplaces

Fire Safety
First Aid
Health & Safety
Safe Handling & Workspaces
Workplace skills

About the trainers

All our training can be tracked and traced to core learning objectives that people like the Health and Safety Executive, Care and Quality Commission, OFSTED look for. We pride ourselves on offering certified training on what is important: your workplace.

Really impressed with my training with Vital. The course was engaging and informative, and I came away feeling like I had learnt so much. Richard is brilliant at not only teaching important first aid skills, but also building confidence so that I would feel able to put them into practice if needed.

Jo Briault, Director

Pet ID Microchips

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