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Paediatric First Aid Training

Compliant to OFSTED regulations, this training is aimed at treating children in emergencies

OFSTED, the Department for Education and the Health and Safety Executive require all people working with children to have child specific first aid. We have it covered
As many of the workplaces offering childcare are home residences, a personalised approach is harder. But not impossible. We can provide the training you need and where you need it
Children need safety and you need safety in the knowledge that the accredited or regulated certificates offered on this training suite will show compliance with the legislation

The right training for you

Many people aren’t aware of the differences between first aid and paediatric first aid. First aid training for children is crucial because they often become panicked. They also aren’t as good at explaining what they’re experiencing as adults are. It can be difficult to detect when a child needs first aid. Especially if they aren’t capable of clearly explaining to you exactly what’s wrong.

If you’re working with children, it’s essential to know that their first aid needs are entirely different from those of an adult. We offer paediatric first aid training in Essex and London, and we customise our training sessions to make sure you only learn what you need to know. Our paediatric first aid training sessions are OFSTED approved, so you can be sure you’re being trained to the highest possible standards.

In light of COVID-19, we can also provide these paediatric first aid training sessions online. If you feel this training would be beneficial for you, feel free to contact us for more information.


Have a question for us about paediatric first aid? We’ve provided some FAQs below but you can always just give us a call.

Paediatric first aid training can be for anyone. Parents or legal guardians of children can take it as they may find it comforting to know that they’re trained in case of an emergency. However, individuals in the following lines of work might be legally required to receive training:
  • Social Work
  • Teaching
  • Childcare providers
Young children and adults have very different medical and emotional needs. While most adults will have a higher pain threshold and the knowledge of how to deal with minor injuries, such as bruises or cuts, children can become panicked, confused and upset. Understanding this and being able to treat hurt children in the correct manner is a different skill set entirely to attending to a wounded adult.
Yes, we are just as experienced at teaching groups as we are teaching individuals. Contact us to arrange your group sessions.

Our story

We strive to offer the best experience we can to bring the vital elements of paediatric first aid. We create training experiences, not courses. Our story in paediatric first aid is simple. We saw a lack of personalised content and noticed it was impacting not only the experience but workplace safety. So we changed it.

Paediatric first aid training is very important to us. Providing training that protects the vulnerable is something we take very seriously. Every child should be safe, regardless of the environment they’re in. Our first aid training courses for children make sure that those responsible know how to act in case of an emergency.

If you simply need to brush up on your training, we offer paediatric first aid refresher training courses in Essex and London. This will bring you back up to speed about the essentials of paediatric first aid by covering all of the essential points.

I find booking training a headache. The team at Vital Workplace Training took all the stress out of it for me. From finding what I need to delivery, I cannot fault them. Simple, easy to understand training, good practical sessions designed around us.

Andy Whiting, Centre Manager

Fairway Children's Centre

A few of the organisations we have worked with

Book your paediatric first aid training now

If you’re based in Essex and need first aid training, feel free to contact us. Whether you just want a chat to discuss your options or you’d like to book your team in for a training course, we’re always happy to have a chat with you.

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