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Medical Condition: Diabetes

Understand more about diabetes, the different types and what it is like to live with this condition

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Part of a suite of training courses designed for entry level healthcare professionals in health and social care, this course is for anyone with patients who have diabetes
3 hours of live classroom training delivered over a minimum of 1 day. Best combined in a healthcare experience day or the care certificate training suite
For compliance, this training course features an accredited certificate with all learning outcomes listed. Not currently offered as regulated

What you will learn on this course

Skills for care have added knowledge of the medical condition to the list of learning for the Care Certificate. Because of this, this module can integrate into any learning plan you want.

After training in this, you will know:

  1. What is the condition of diabetes?
  2. What the different types are
  3. How patients and medical staff monitor the daily condition
  4. What are the types of diabetic emergencies?
  5. How patients live with the condition

While we do try to think outside the box and customise our sessions to make them as enjoyable as possible, we still keep our main focus on the teaching aspect. Our training courses are all designed to comply with the teaching regulations required to award attendees with certification.

Personalised training sessions

Unique to Vital Workplace Training, each course includes vital safety information whilst also containing tweaks and adjustments to make the training unique to your specific workplace.

Take a look at the rest of the information relating to this course and see how it’s suitable for you and your workplace. 

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Catering and Hospitality


It’s very important for us to know that all workplaces can train their staff up to the required level. Regardless of the sector, workplace training is essential. We keep our pricing competitive to make sure we can help as many companies as possible. 

  • For onsite or group training – £275
  • Groups over 12 learners – Call us on 01376 317 760

For all other needs contact us at support@vitalworkplacetraining.com

About your medical condition: diabetes trainers

Want to know more about the trainers that bring quality and professionalism to every course? Click a picture below and get to know the person who will make your training, yours.

I find booking training a headache. The team at Vital Workplace Training took all the stress out of it for me. From finding what I need to delivery, I cannot fault them. Simple, easy to understand training, good practical sessions designed around us.

Andy Whiting, Centre Manager

Fairway Children's Centre

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