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Terms and conditions

Our focus is on delivering high-quality courses on a range of topics to give you the skills relevant to your workplace. Whatever industry or setting you work in, it is crucial you get the training you need to carry out your job safely. You can see our full terms and conditions here.

What separates us from other training companies is our focus on customising our courses to specifically meet the needs of our client. Through our working process, we ask our client to fill out an assessment needs questionnaire, before applying the answers to our vast database of training practices.

By doing this, we can plan and design each course to make sure it’s custom-made for our client. So whether you work in construction or childcare, you can rest assured that your training course will be for you and you alone.

Although many of our courses are centred around Health and Safety, we also offer courses on Workplace Skills, such as Customer Service, Conflict Management and Data Protection and GDPR.

Our team is made up of only two members, however, we both have vast and long-standing experience in the training industry. After doing this for a combined total of over twenty-five years, we have plenty of experience of how to teach the subject knowledge of the training courses while at the same time customising it for different sectors.

In regards to COVID-19, we have made significant updates to the most relevant courses, such as Food Safety and Infection Control. We have also published a COVID-19 support hub in order to provide as much information as possible on the situation which has changed all of our lives.

Times like these are when everyone needs to be kept up to date and needs to be fully aware of what’s happening. Our goal is to make sure every single staff member in every workplace across Essex and London knows how to keep their working environment safe

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