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Mental Health Support

Improving mental health skills, confidence and access to support

The Law is changing soon to reflect the need for Mental Health First Aid, all workplaces must have an answer for their employee’s wellbeing
Mental Health First Aid has become a rising concern in the last 10 years, with no clear process to use leaving employers struggling
Our training course suite is designed to make it as easy as possible for employers to provide the right support to their employees, fast

All you need to know about Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health First Aid has become a major part of providing for Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff at work. Because of this, a new Law is planning to be released, the Mental Health Draft Bill 2022.

This will run alongside existing Laws for Health and Safety, however there are some unique points to consider for Mental Health First Aid:

  • Employers will be expected to provide at least an awareness training course to all employees
  • Mental Health First must be sufficient to deal with any emergencies in the workplace
  • It doesn’t have to be a course from a well known brand, therefore does not need to cost a fortune

Vital Workplace Training have developed a course suite to fulfil this responsibility for employers effectively, while remaining cost efficient.

The course suite will make sure that any anticipated changes in the Law are covered, but the many benefits include:

  • Lower accident rates at work, with less time off sick
  • Higher team morale and employee retention
  • Robust response to Health and Safety, ensuring optimum compliance to HSE rules
  • Less money spent on other Health and Safety measures

Our courses range from the awareness, to Managers  meaning there is a course for everyone. Not sure where to start? Contact us and we can help


If you want to see the questions we get from other either looking or participating in our mental health training, take a look at some of our FAQs below. For any information, feel free to contact us.

Before booking our team will ensure they have an understanding of the company and the ways of working, we then work out the best course for you.
Yes, we will provide your workforce with certification as proof of their first aid training. This certification will be valid for three years, but we recommend an annual refresher to make sure their knowledge is kept up to date.
Our speciality is customising all of our courses to our client’s needs. We have a vast wealth of experience in delivering courses to a wide range of sectors. We know how to tailor a course to a specific line of work and because we travel to our client to deliver the training, we can make sure you’re comfortable in your environment throughout the session.

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