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Basic Life Support (BLS)

A necessity for healthcare staff and community care

  • Group courses available onsite
  • Open venues for single spaces
  • Open venues for single spaces


Refined into an easy to understand course, this is ideal for those with a responsibility to maintain a persons’ survival, such as care workers, home carers, community workers and first aiders
3 hours of engaging training over the course of one session, this course will last for 12 months. Can be delivered in live classroom training or online. Live training recommended
As a part of our community training programme, this course will provide an accredited certificate that can also be upgraded to a regulated one. Update every 12 months

What you will learn on this course

Basic Life Support (BLS) forms the backbone of many lifesaving skills, including Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), both skills the European Resuscitation Council recommend for use in first aid, emergency and healthcare settings. 

Our basic life support training course will help you to:

  1. Understand the requirements of basic life support 
  2. Demonstrate basic life support processes and Automated External Defibrillator use in line with current national guidelines 
  3. Demonstrate post-resuscitation procedures
  4. Demonstrate basic safety checks on an Automated External Defibrillator 
  5. Demonstrate scene safety precautions when using an Automated External Defibrillator 

We teach our training courses to the highest of industry standards. Regardless of what session we deliver and where we’re delivering it, we make sure to provide high-quality, engaging and versatile training courses.

The full qualification specification for this course can be downloaded here. After completing the course, trainees will be presented with a basic life support training certificate.

Customised training sessions

Over the years, we’ve learned that the best way to deliver training courses is to personalise them for our trainees. This is because they will only learn what is relevant to their specific working environment, which means all the information they take in will directly benefit them.

By using our industry experience and our database of existing training sessions, we’re able to customise our training courses to match any requirements.


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First Aid

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Schools and Colleges

Basic life support is essential

Basic life support will make the difference between life and death for anyone who is choking, drowning or suffering from a cardiac arrest. We provide our courses for a range of industries, so whether you need basic life support training for nurses or caregivers, we can help you with that.

During the time that the emergency services are responding to your call, it’s essential to be doing everything possible to provide support to the patient. Our basic life support training will make sure that your employees are well-drilled at how to act in such emergency situations.


We offer our sessions at competitive rates to make sure that whoever needs to learn crucial workplace training is able to. If you’re based within travelling distance, we’re also happy to come to you at no additional cost.

  • For onsite or group training – £275
  • Groups over 12 learners – Call us on 01376 317 760

For all other needs contact us at support@vitalworkplacetraining.com

About your basic life support trainers

Want to know more about the trainers that will be running your training course? Take a look below.

I find booking training a headache. The team at Vital Workplace Training took all the stress out of it for me. From finding what I need to delivery, I cannot fault them. Simple, easy to understand training, good practical sessions designed around us.

Andy Whiting, Centre Manager

Fairway Children's Centre

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Boo your basic life support training now!

If you would like to make a group booking for this course or need help with your training, send us a message, give us a call or email us. Whatever you prefer. We can take it from there.

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