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Catering & Hospitality

Tailored professional courses for all your hospitality needs

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The service industry, hotels, leisure centres and areas, and restaurants all work incredibly hard to deliver the best customer experience possible. With the world relying more and more on remote deliveries, food ordering and supplying entertainment, it makes sense to invest in those that make our customer experience pleasurable. 

Training found in this sector includes Food Safety, Hospitality Skills and Customer Service and Support.

About the trainers

All of our training sessions are planned in accordance with regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive and likeminded organisations. Once we have the essentials put into place, we work around them to customise training sessions so they suit you as well as possible.


A few questions we get asked about our catering & hospitality training courses

If you're based in Essex, then we will travel to you to deliver your training at no additional cost. Just contact us with more details about where you are based and we'll let you know what we can do for you.
We can certainly train large groups at once, but depending on your exact number we may have to separate the groups and do more than one session. This is to make sure every individual receives the same quality of training and things don't get too cramped.
Yes, our courses are comprehensive and provide full coverage of what your staff will need to be able to deliver basic first aid. You will receive certificates as proof of your training.

Really impressed with my training with Vital. The course was engaging and informative, and I came away feeling like I had learnt so much. Richard is brilliant at not only teaching important first aid skills, but also building confidence so that I would feel able to put them into practice if needed.

Jo Briault, Director

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If you need help with your training or aren’t sure where to get started, send us a message, give us a call or email us. Whatever you prefer. We can take it from there.

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