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Infection Control

Compliant to the HASAW Act 1974 and the Coronavirus Emergency Regulations 2020

As well as the standards required by the Health and Safety Executive and the Care and Quality Commission (CQC), this training meets the criteria to make your workplace COVID secure
To personalise the effect of this training experience, the live classroom training comes with an onsite walkthrough to allow you to adapt your policy to protect the workforce
All accredited training come with sector specific add ons to create the unique experience you need for your area of speciality. This works best for you when you complete a COVID-19 assessment first

Provide a safe working environment

Infection control has always been important, but after the spread of COVID-19, it should be at the top of everyone’s list of priorities. Regardless of the industry, if your line of work involves interacting with others, then you should consider enrolling yourself and your staff on infection control training courses. As it’s not only working environments that need to stay safe from disease, we also offer infection control training for schools.

The rapid spread of disease throughout a large and diverse workforce is a very real threat. While some members of staff might not be affected by a disease, it could be fatal for those who are more susceptible to sickness. Our courses can teach you how to minimise that threat and keep all of your employees safe by undertaking infection control risk assessment training.

You will receive an infection control training certificate after the session is complete to show what you have learned. We provide infection control training for schools, nurses, care homes and more, so regardless of where you work or who you work with, we can help you.


Infection control is an important topic that is crucial to get right. We get a number of questions from organisations we work with and have set some of the common ones out below to help you. If you have anything further you would like to ask, just contact us directly.

In light of the pandemic, infection control has become more important than ever. As well as simple practices such as regular hand washing and covering of the face in shops and public transport, there are other practices covered in infection control training which can help reduce the spread of infection.
Infection control training is important because it helps to maintain a safe working environment for everyone. If you have a large workforce or employees who are vulnerable to disease, then preventing the potential spread of sickness is vital.
Yes. As stated by the Health and Safety Executive in The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (COSHH), employers must assess the risks of exposure to biochemical agents and either avert exposure or control it appropriately.

Our story

Here at Vital Workplace, what really matters to us is providing the most informative and engaging training courses possible. Regardless of which course you’re on, it’s our mission to make sure at the end of the course you feel like you’ve learned all about your chosen topic and enjoyed yourself in the process.

What we avoid at all costs are generic and dull training sessions where people are too bored to even think about learning something. Our particular focus on customising our training courses means that every session is designed with the client in mind. By doing this we ensure sure that the course will appeal to our audience, thus making the training as fun and educational as possible.

Time is always a problem but Vital were flexible and knowledgeable. On the day of training, Richard was a great professional who will make the most boring course interesting to all attendees

Karolina Podurgiel

Orwell Group

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