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Medical Condition: Dementia

An informative look into the medical condition of dementia

  • Group courses available onsite
  • Open venues for single spaces
Part of a suite of training courses designed for entry level healthcare professionals in health and social care, this course is for anyone with patients who have dementia
3 hours of live classroom training delivered over a minimum of 1 day. Best combined in a healthcare experience day or the care certificate training suite
For compliance, this training course features an accredited certificate with all learning outcomes listed. Not currently offered as regulated

What you will learn on this course

Skills for Care have added knowledge of the medical condition to the list of learning for the Care Certificate. Because of this, this module can integrate into any learning plan you want

The learning outcomes to add to your portfolio are:

  1. Understand and identify the medical condition of dementia
  2. Understands the rights of a person with dementia and the laws that support them
  3. Approach the subject of caring for a person with dementia and their additional needs
  4. Integrate safe working methods when dealing with a dementia lapse episode

While we do focus on personalising our courses, we don’t compromise the quality of our teaching. All of our training courses are taught to the highest industry standards and are designed to be as informative as possible.


Personalise your training

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About your Medical Condition: Dementia trainers

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I find booking training a headache. The team at Vital Workplace Training took all the stress out of it for me. From finding what I need to delivery, I cannot fault them. Simple, easy to understand training, good practical sessions designed around us.

Andy Whiting, Centre Manager

Fairway Children's Centre

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