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Above all, an employer’s responsibility is the safety of their employees. Together with running a new business, this can take up a lot of time. As a result, it can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why Vital was set up, to take the pressure away from companies.

We look at your training needs and give expert impartial advice

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Our courses offer engaging practical traning so the training is enjoyable and rewarding

Compliance? Sorted. All our qualifications comply to the regulations you need

Employability Training: working with community-centred organisations

We provide training for disadvantaged people and communities to improve employment choices and chances. We help community-based organisations to develop their training courses to include the vital skills needed for employment.

We offer a range of face-to-face and online training courses and assessments that include accredited qualifications and certificates

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Specialising in working with disadvantaged groups, we help people to gain vocational qualifications

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Our team has expertise in removing employment barriers and offering advice and guidance to help you find employment

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Getting training organised is a pain. However, working with Vital was an easy process. They were helpful in advising which courses were best for the employees. Flexible when it came to the training times to fit in with our shops' opening hours. We would recommend for all your mandatory training needs.

Mark Russell, Operations Director


About the trainers

Our beginning is humble and diverse. Vital Workplace Training Group Ltd started when a need was recognised in the workplace. First Aid is an under-recognised subject, as it doesn’t belong in either the Medical world or Health and Safety. Seeing this, the Founders, Richard Penny and Dan Smith sat down and thought “how can we change the overall attitude towards First Aid in the Workplace?”.

That is when we decided to take the challenge on. We make the client and their workplace the focus.

Latest news

Mental Health

World Mental Health Day

As we look at the theme this year, which is Mental Health is a Universal Human Right, we remember that there are some crucial questions to ask.

NHS Health Care Induction Campaign

Delivering a fully tailored induction package to both prospective and qualified health care assistants, completing their Level 2 Care certificate.

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