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Essex Training Courses

Bespoke training courses covering a range of industries and topics delivered anywhere across Essex

Vital Workplace is a leading training company that delivers a wide range of training courses in Essex. Our Essex training courses are designed to make workplaces safer, primarily by focusing on first-aid training, safeguarding and in light of COVID-19, infection control and food safety.

As well as providing first aid for adults in the workplace, we also deliver paediatric first aid training for those who work with children. All of the training courses we provide in Essex are personalised, comprehensive and are expertly designed to be as informative as possible.


Here at Vital Workplace, our main focus is to make workplaces safer. We deliver precise and professional training courses, which train Essex-based businesses to integrate safety-based solutions into the workplace.

Whether you work in a large organisation in one of the county’s bigger settlements such as Chelmsford or Colchester, or you are a small family-owned company in a town like Maldon or Tiptree, we can provide you with solutions all over Essex.

About us

Our team specialises in planning, designing and running training courses which we deliver all over the county and beyond. With over fifteen years of experience, Richard Penny is an expert at delivering engaging and informative training courses.

Working closely with Richard is Daniel Smith, the creative driving force behind Vital Workplace. Between them, Richard and Daniel possess extensive knowledge of their industry and are well-practised at providing a variety of training courses. Based in Essex, we have a good network of local, regional and national clients who we provide one-off or regular training to.

How we work

When we plan our training courses, we do so with our specific client in mind. This allows us to develop custom-made courses, designed especially for the specific working environment which our client operates in.

This attention to detail allows us to remove any irrelevant or non-essential information from our training courses. By doing this we save time and resources for our clients as they will only be learning content which applies to them specifically.

Our focus on delivering customised workplace training means that our training courses are more interesting and engaging for our clients. Each training course will be tailored to the clients’ exact industry and workplace. They will also contain practical training to keep the session enjoyable yet still compliant and meeting the necessary requirements.

Some of our training

The full list of the training sessions we offer at Vital Workplace is extensive, however, there are a number of courses we have developed particular expertise in due to high demand.

Below is a list of the most popular training courses that we provide for the workplace:

Where are we?

Our team is based in Chelmsford, the county town of Essex, and Coggeshall, a large market village in between Braintree and Colchester. From both of our training centres, we can provide training across all of Essex and can customise our courses to fit your specifications regardless of your industry. 

To discuss a course or simply to find out more about our training courses in Essex, feel free to contact us and speak to a member of our team.

Some common questions we get about our courses across Essex

Yes we can. We pride ourselves on providing training courses to whoever needs them, regardless of their location.
No, if you are based in Essex then we will only charge the standard price of the course with no additional costs for travel.
Yes, we do. Whether you’re based in Southend-on-Sea or Saffron Walden, we will travel to you to deliver our training sessions.
We have two training centres in Essex, one is in Chelmsford and the other is in Coggeshall. However, we will travel to deliver our training sessions - it all comes down to what you prefer.
If that is what you require, then we can provide this. As COVID-19 has affected us all so heavily, we have put in place a COVID support hub which outlines the important new rules put in place and how we will incorporate them into our training sessions.
No. Vital Workplace Training believes that Workplace training should be individual, like the people who work there. Where possible, we tailor the course to the questions and work environments you have, making it as personal as we can for you.