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Industry standard training courses in the emergency sector

Emergency courses

With professional experience in the emergency sector, we understand the need for rigorous training. It is in emergency scenarios that training can literally make a difference between life and death.

Would you know how to respond?

Training in the emergency sector is so important because it’s the only way to properly prepare yourself for a worst-case scenario. Emergencies could happen at any moment, and when they do, you and your staff members need to be able to react effectively at short notice.

With the experience of teaching emergency training courses in a wide range of scenarios, we can make sure your staff members are well-drilled and confident at knowing how to tackle any kind of emergency, from sudden sickness to fires. Our fire safety warden training will bring your employees up to speed about the essentials of fire safety and protection.

We can design our training to meet the specific requirements of all delegates, whether you’re a beginner or looking for an advanced course.


Most likely. We deliver group sessions as well as one to one training. Depending on how many employees you have, we may have to do multiple sessions to make sure everyone receives a high standard of training. Part of our package is flexibility, we’re always willing to adapt to new situations if necessary. Feel free to contact us to discuss your options.
Yes. We deliver practical training in order to give you a real hands-on experience and make sure that you’re well drilled in case of an emergency. We’ll also travel to your workplace to deliver the session to make sure that you and your staff will know exactly what to do in your own working environment.
Yes, we have a vast database of resources to draw on, and with plenty of experience in the industry we are well-practised in delivering all kinds of training courses. Just give us a call and we can discuss how we’ll go about your training sessions.

Our story

We are changing what training looks like, making it our mission to ensure it is engaging and fun. By making the training an enjoyable session rather than an arduous task, we reinforce the skills we teach and the information we deliver.

Unlike standard training, we revolve all of our training around each individual workplace. Everything we teach is relevant to those we train, which means the overall experience will be a worthwhile investment of time. To find out more about how we can design our training to suit your exact workplace, contact us and speak to a member of our experienced team.

The Team has tailored a training course solution for our organisation and delivered it professionally, efficiently and with excellent results. Not to mention the price was way more competitive compared to other providers, which hasn't affected the quality of the contents at all. Really pleased with them, I'm now looking into acquiring more services from them.

Samuel Ruiz, HR Manager


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