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Moving & Positioning

Effective training, compliant in Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 for the care sector

The Care and Quality Commission (CQC) has set out the required standards for the induction and update of staff, all of which are met and exceeded by this training
We have put every effort into ensuring the right moving and positioning practices are part of this hands-on training, giving practical experience with all the necessary detail
One of the most legalised areas of the workplace is manual handling, so this training block offers only the best accredited courses on offer for your team

Bespoke training courses

Moving and positioning training is crucial to anyone working in a job which requires manual labour. Even if you don’t lift things very often, there are always risks associated with manual tasks. Whether you lift heavy objects or care for the sick or elderly, you need to be adequately trained in moving and positioning to ensure your own safety as well as the wellbeing of those in your vicinity.

We place a special emphasis on providing tailor-made training. We deliver moving and positioning training courses across Essex and London. Regardless of where you work or who you work with, we’ll come to you and teach you everything you need to know about moving and positioning in a safe and secure manner.


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Yes. Employers must comply with The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, which gives guidance on how to avoid, assess and reduce the risk of your employees injuring themselves while manually moving or lifting heavy objects. I provide care for a family member who I sometimes have to move. Should I receive training?
We’d recommend it. Regulations such as The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 are regularly updated to make sure that health standards are being kept up to date with modern times. If your staff last received their moving & positioning training a while ago, it’s likely that the training will have been updated since then. Even if they aren’t going to learn something new, keeping your staff well trained and refreshing their memories on relevant practice is still a good idea.
Yes, having this training is essential. When caring for the frail, elderly, or sick, it’s crucial to be properly trained to ensure they receive the support they need.

Our story

As training providers, we enjoy knowing that our training sessions are helping people out there to stay safe. Moving and positioning is one of those courses that we’re really invested in because we know that everyone who takes the course will have a much higher chance of avoiding unnecessary harm in the workplace.

What motivates us is not just our passion for teaching, but our passion for teaching in the right way. By customising our courses, we make sure our trainees only learn the relevant information which is going to directly assist them. This is what separates us from other training providers, and it’s what makes our training sessions unique.

Getting training organised is a pain. However, working with Vital was an easy process. They were helpful in advising which courses were best for the employees. Flexible when it came to the training times to fit in with our shops' opening hours. We would recommend for all your mandatory training needs.

Mark Russell, Operations Director


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