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Chelmsford training courses

Customised training courses delivered to a diverse range of industries

Who are we?

Vital Workplace Training is a specialist workplace training course provider based in Chelmsford and operating across Essex and London. We provide an extensive list of over fifty training courses that help workplaces train their employees in every aspect of workplace practice.

Whether you work in an office setting or in a hazardous environment, our long-standing experience providing training in a wide range of sectors will allow us to provide you with the training you need.

Customised training courses

We have spent many years perfecting our craft and learning the best ways to impart knowledge to our course attendees. We have found that customising training courses to suit the needs of every individual client is the most effective way to deliver the best results.

By making the training course specific to your working environment and the activities of your staff or teams, the session is far more educational and engaging. Part of our service is travelling to you and providing the training session in your workplace.

This allows us to alleviate any stress and worry about you having to transport your team to us and means we can teach your staff in a setting they feel comfortable in. We’ll simply need to discuss what training course you want and the industry you’re in, and we can delve into our database and design a bespoke training course that suits your workplace needs. Furthermore, this may be more helpful given the ongoing guidelines around COVID-19 as it helps to avoid concerns around trying to find an external training space.


Being based in the heart of the county allows us to deliver our workplace training courses in Chelmsford, the only city in Essex. Within commuting distance of Colchester and London, Chelmsford has a rich history and has attracted global fame for being the birthplace of radio.

We have experience providing workplace training in Chelmsford for a diverse range of businesses. We’ve helped organisations in the industrial and manufacturing industries by delivering moving and positioning training to make sure they’re operating safely with the handling of heavy objects.

In addition to this, courses like health and safety and fire safety in the emergency sector are essential. We’ve helped workplaces stay up to scratch with knowing how they’d react in worst-case scenarios.

If you’re based in Chelmsford or any of the surrounding areas, feel free to contact us with any workplace training course enquiries. Regardless of the industry, we will provide you with a customised training course relevant to your workplace environment.

Meet our training team

Our purposefully small team is composed of Daniel Smith and Richard Penny. Daniel and Richard work closely together, using their background of working in training institutions to bring creative and innovative training sessions to life.

The way we like to work

Here at Vital Workplace Training, we like to provide enjoyable and engaging training sessions. We don’t take a serious or corporate approach, instead, we keep it fun and light-hearted. At the same time, we make sure that important information is being delivered to our attendees to make sure they learn as much as possible.

We believe that the way we deliver training courses is the perfect balance between education and entertainment. There’s no point trying to teach people who are bored or stuffed into a small, stuffy classroom and aren’t in the right mindset to learn.

From the outset, we’ll provide you with practical learning activities that encourage you to come out of your shell and engage with others. We also throw in quizzes to keep you on your toes and we ask attendees to explain aspects of the training course to the rest of the class to make sure everyone is learning together. But don’t worry, we try to avoid putting people on the spot and this is always done in a genuinely fun way to avoid any awkwardness!

The most popular workplace training courses

While we have over fifty training courses on offer, there are some which are more popular than others. Because of the frequency that we deliver these courses, we have come to gain particular expertise in them.

First Aid Training

It’s no surprise that first aid training is a course in high demand. We have delivered countless first aid training courses in Chelmsford across a range of different industries. It doesn’t matter if you work in a safe environment or a dangerous one, you never know when you might need someone on hand to deliver first aid.

Workplace first aid in Chelmsford is an area that we have specialised in over the years, and we are confident providers of first aid courses in all industries. We have even written a dedicated guide to first aid to explain in more detail everything you need to know about this topic.

Whether you have a small team of three or an office of over fifty employees that require training for first aid in Chelmsford, we can provide you with the course you need.

Food Safety

Because of COVID-19, certain industries have had to pay particular attention to the qualifications required by their staff. The catering and hospitality industries were affected more heavily than others because of their direct contact with food and drinks that are consumed by the public.

We have updated our food safety courses to comply with the new COVID-19 regulations. If you need to retrain your staff to make sure they’re well drilled at correctly handling food and drink, then contact us to book in your food safety training course in Chelmsford.

For more information on how we’ve adapted our courses to the virus, take a look at our COVID-19 support hub.

Infection Control

Just like food safety, infection control in the workplace has now become of paramount importance. If you’re an employer, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your employees are working in a safe environment where there is minimal risk of infectious diseases spreading.

We provide COVID-19 compliant infection control training courses in Chelmsford. As the threat of COVID-19 is still present, it’s of paramount importance that each and every workplace is protecting the livelihood of its employees.

If you work in a small organisation and you’re worried you won’t have space for us to come to you and deliver our training course, don’t worry. We have plenty of experience in adapting in order to provide workplace training courses in a range of settings.

Where we're based

We have two offices, one based in Chelmsford and the other in Coggeshall, a small market town just outside of Colchester. This means we’re perfectly positioned to travel to areas around Chelmsford to deliver our workplace training courses.


Yes we can teach groups. We’d need to know how many as if it’s a large number we might have to split the session into two separate groups. Contact us to discuss the finer details.
Yes, we have a number of courses that have both a basic and advanced session available. Have a look at our full list of courses or contact us for more information.
We don’t have a ‘one session fits all’ view when it comes to training. First of all, we give you an informal needs assessment. We then use the results of the assessment in combination with our workplace experience database to design a bespoke training session for you and your staff.

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