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Chelmsford First Aid Training

We deliver professional first aid training courses in Chelmsford, the county town of Essex

A bit about us

Based just outside Colchester and working in Chelmsford, Vital Workplace Training is an accredited and accomplished training course provider. We deliver high-quality first aid training across Chelmsford, with a particular focus on making the course as personalised to our client as possible. By doing this we deliver specific training sessions for your business or organisation, which means you get more out of the training and don’t waste your time learning irrelevant information.

We are still delivering first aid training during COVID-19 to make sure that businesses are remaining safe during this difficult period. We have kept up to date and altered our training courses to fit in with the new COVID-19 regulations. Being based in Essex means we provide our first aid training services to a wide range of different industries, all of which may have been affected by COVID-19 in different ways. Regardless of how the pandemic has affected your working environment, it’s vital to have access to first aid training.


Part of our service here at Vital Workplace is to travel to our clients and deliver our training in their very own workplace. Wherever you’re based in Essex, be it in the city of Chelmsford or up in Castle Hedingham, we will come to you and take away the stress and worry of having to organise the transportation of your staff. Furthermore, with just a few details about your workplace, we can design a first aid course specific to your individual organisation, workplace practices and setting.

Types of First Aid Training

When it comes to first aid, it’s crucial to understand that the practices learned cannot be applied to every situation in the same way. For example, treatments or interventions which are designed to work on children would perhaps be unsuitable for elderly adults, as they would require an entirely different approach. Everything from the way you speak to the moving and positioning of an individual would need to be different depending on their particular needs. This means the first aid training also needs to be different.

Paediatric First Aid Training

Having sufficient childcare is essential, and while safeguarding makes up a huge part of the childcare curriculum, pediatric first aid is just as important. Vital Workplace provides pediatric first aid training courses in Chelmsford, delivering informative sessions to make sure childcare workers are well-drilled at knowing how to handle a hurt child. As children aren’t as good at explaining their injuries as adults are, a thorough understanding of knowing what to look out for so you can recognise injuries yourself is also critical. Communicating with children in a situation where first aid is needed requires thinking about their vocabulary but also how to keep them calm and still. This may be crucial depending on the condition or nature of the situation.

First Aid for the Elderly in Chelmford

As well as pediatric first aid training and first aid training for adults, we also offer first aid training for the elderly in Chelmsford. When it comes to providing first aid for the elderly, the utmost care must be taken as they may already be in increased states of vulnerability due to their age or underlying health conditions. This means that in addition to the first aid at work training course, your employees should also take moving and positioning training to make sure they know how to carefully move elderly patients who may be frailer than children and adults. Not only will this help your staff to keep the older people in their care safe, but it will also keep your staff safe themselves in carrying out any first aid they deliver.

First Aid in the Workplace in Chelmsford

Here at Vital Workplace Training, we have over twenty years of experience providing first aid training in Chelmsford. First aid at work is crucial because regardless of where you work, accidents can happen and people will need care in emergencies. For some workplaces, there is a legal requirement to ensure someone has first aid training. Working across a wide variety of sectors, we provide first aid training in Chelmsford to make sure that companies are meeting the regulations set out by the Health and Safety Executive. So whether you have a factory or an office, we can give you the first aid training you need to keep you and your staff safe at work. Our training courses comply with the latest regulations such as the Health and Safety at Work etc Act, the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 and the latest Resuscitation Council UK 2015.

Although it’s legally binding for employers to provide a sufficient number of first aiders in the workplace, it is down to them to decide what is ‘adequate and appropriate’ in terms of their first aid needs. For example, employees working in the logistics industry will need first aid training more than employees working in an office setting. Jobs which require you to move and position objects have more risks, therefore the employer might decide to give some of his staff members training in emergency first aid at work. This doesn’t mean that ‘safer’ workplaces need no first aiding. An office still has a number of risks and you still need to be prepared if an accident should happen. There is much you can do to prevent accidents from occurring, but if you have carried out a careful risk assessment, you will still see that having a trained first aider will help to support you and further mitigate and reduce risks.

We provide first aid at work training courses in Chelmsford to companies across every industry. Even if you work in hospitality, you need qualified first-aiders on site. You never know when an accident or an emergency might happen, and when you’re working with members of the public who could have any number of health problems or tendencies for sickness, you can’t take any risks. If you work in the care industry, then your employees should already be trained in first aid at work and moving and positioning and should be undertaking workplace first aid annual refresher training.

First Aid for Adults

In the case that you want to learn general first aid just so you’re prepared for a worst-case situation, then we offer first aid training in Chelmsford which can train you how to act in emergencies. Knowing what to do in the face of common first aid injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains and choking means you will always be able to assist anyone who suffers these injuries. Being well-drilled enough to follow the correct first aid procedures could be essential in helping the afflicted individual remain calm and in a stable condition until the emergency services arrive. We offer first aid training in Chelmsford to anyone who wants to be able to deliver first aid and keep others safe.


We deliver comprehensive first aid at work training across Chelmsford. Whether your employees work in a small, family-owned café or in an industrial manufacturing factory, we can provide the workplace first aid training they need. An accident can always happen, whether it be a common injury or an incredibly unlucky chain of events which leads to an employee or member of the public being put in a life-threatening situation. As an employer, it’s your legal responsibility to make sure that you have a sufficient number of adequately trained first aid workers on site.

To find out more about first aid, take a look at our Ultimate Guide to First Aid blog post. Contact us today for information on how we can help you train your staff to be qualified workplace first aiders. Wherever you are in Chelmsford, we can provide the first aid training you need in the setting you require.

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