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Colchester Training Courses

Personalised training courses delivered across Colchester to meet your workplace training needs

Vital Workplace Training is an innovative company operating across Colchester that delivers over fifty workplace training courses ranging from emergency first-aid to customer service skills. Our training courses differ from a standard off the shelf company because we place a special emphasis on providing personalised training sessions.

Personalised training courses

We understand that every workplace in Colchester is different. Regardless of the working environment, staff members need to be well trained and capable of reacting in a number of different circumstances. 

By bringing the training to your front door, we eliminate the stress or difficulty of training your employees in an unfamiliar environment and allow you to focus solely on your training.


Part of what makes us different from other training course providers is that we will travel to our clients in order to deliver the sessions. Our main focus is to provide solutions to help workplaces based in Colchester to become as safe as possible. 

Although we are based in Chelmsford and Coggeshall, we will travel to any part of Essex at no additional cost in order to provide you with the training you need. So whether you’re based in Colchester or Canvey Island, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Meet our team

With over twenty-five years of combined industry experience, Richard Penny and Daniel Smith are highly-proficient at planning and delivering training courses to a wide range of sectors. 

Daniel has a background working in a number of workplace training institutions and uses his creative flair to think of inventive training activities. Richard specialises in bringing those innovative ideas to life in the form of engaging and interactive training courses.

Core values and goals

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide customised training courses. Part of our service is to make life as easy as possible for our clients to ensure they receive nothing but the best training experience possible. 

Our mission is to erase the idea of training courses being boring and something that simply needs to be done to tick a box. By travelling to our clients and delivering workplace training compromised of both theoretical and practical exercises, we create an environment where everyone can learn and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Popular workplace training courses

Although we provide over fifty courses, there are some that we have come to have particular expertise in due to the sheer number of times we’ve delivered them. 

While this means that we are very well-practised at teaching the course subject, we’ve also gained a great deal of experience at adapting the courses to specific workplaces.

Infection Control Training

Our Infection Control Training course has been updated ever since the outbreak of COVID-19 earlier on in the year. Never before has infection control been so important, and this course is crucial to allowing many people to get back to work safely.

We also have PPE at pre-COVID prices to make sure that anyone who wishes to correctly protect themselves and their staff against the virus has access to these vital resources. 

Food Safety Training

In a similar vein to infection control, food safety has quickly become of paramount importance. For any Colchester-based company in the hospitality sector, any plans to reopen since the lockdown should have included thorough food and drink hygiene checks and food safety training for all staff members.

Whether you work for a well-known chain of restaurants or a small, family-owned cafe, we can provide you with bespoke food safety training in your own workplace environment.


Safeguarding is a crucial part of all healthcare work for anyone caring for vulnerable people. When it comes to safeguarding, The Care Act 2004 sets out strict and clear guidelines which must be followed in order to guarantee people’s personal safety. 

We operate across Colchester and provide training for the safeguarding of vulnerable adults as well as a separate course for the safeguarding of vulnerable children.

Fire Safety

We provide our fire safety training courses in regulation with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Fire Safety Order 2005. Our fire safety courses benefit greatly from being delivered on your premises as your staff will learn how to react in their very own environment.

We also put emphasis on making this course engaging by including both written and practical elements to the training. 

First Aid Training

First Aid Training will always be essential to each and every workplace. It doesn’t matter if you work on a building site or in an office, accidents can happen and everyone needs to be ready for them.

We deliver our first aid training across Colchester in compliance with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981, and we also provide a special course for people who care for children. So if you are specifically looking for a first aid training course in a school or nursery in Colchester, this can be arranged at your convenience.

Where are we?

Vital Workplace Training has one base in Chelmsford, the county town of Essex, and another in Coggeshall, a large market village just outside of Colchester. 

Being based in the centre of Essex means that we can easily travel to any other part of the county in order to deliver our training courses. So if you are specifically looking for Colchester training courses, get in touch and we can discuss exactly what you need.

If you would like to speak to a member of our team to discuss any of our courses or find out more about us, feel free to get in touch. We can speak to you virtually or visit you in person while maintaining social distancing.

Things you need to know

Yes. All of our training courses comply with the relevant regulations and requirements set out by the government.
As every workplace and course is different, there is a lot of room for flexibility and improvisation when it comes to planning and delivering training. That said, we will always assess a situation and make sure it’s safe and suitable for our training.  We will always do our very best to deliver the best training sessions we can, so feel free to contact us if you have questions about how we can make things work.
No, as long as you’re based in Essex we won’t add any additional costs to cover travel. Part of our package is delivering training sessions in our clients’ working environment to make sure they can be as relaxed and comfortable as possible.
Yes, we are happy to speak to you and provide you with our professional opinions on what industry-specific training you might need to prepare yourselves for life after COVID. Take a look at our COVID-19 support hub for more information.
#weareCOVIDsecure is the way that we tell our Clients and Learners that the classroom or work environment they're stepping into has been assessed, the necessary safety measures put in place and risk of potential COVID infection is as low as we can get it. The Pandemic will have to try harder than this to beat us.
We don’t have a ‘one session fits all’ view when it comes to training. First of all, we give you an informal needs assessment. We then use the results of the assessment in combination with our workplace experience database to design a bespoke training session for you and your staff.