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Essex first aid training

Hands-on experience learning how to deliver first aid

Who are we?

Vital Workplace Training is a leading training course provider which delivers over fifty individual informative and engaging training sessions across a wide range of industries. Based in Coggeshall, a market village on the outskirts of Colchester, we travel to our clients to deliver first aid training in Essex.

Our mission is to make sure that people are safe in the workplace. We are providing first aid training during COVID-19 to ensure that this essential training continues. First aid training is more important than ever, especially in workplaces that have recently changed and adapted to the new COVID-19 regulations.


Here at Vital Workplace, our mission is to increase the safety of workplaces across Essex. Being quite a large county, Essex presents a broad range of industries and working environments. From fishmongers in Mersea Island to accountancy agencies in Braintree, there is no end to the list of sectors that require their own personalised workplace training courses. With this variety, we ensure that the first aid training we provide is specific for each of our clients.

Types of first aid training

While it’s common knowledge that first aid training is important, it’s somewhat less known that there is a huge difference between the type of first aid that people may need to learn. For example, people of differing ages and health conditions are not likely to be in the same situations that require first aid. As a result, first aid training is not a one-solution-fits-all type of subject. So when it comes to the training, it’s critical to learn the first aid skills most relevant to you and your environment.

Paediatric first aid

We provide pediatric first aid training courses across Essex. This course is perhaps one of the most difficult as providing first aid for children can be challenging. Children can quickly become panicked and upset, even if their injury is not too serious. This can often prevent them from clearly explaining what they’re experiencing and what kind of pain they’re in. They may also not have the vocabulary to effectively communicate their problem. It’s essential to know how to remain calm and deescalate the situation, how to talk to the child and also how to provide the necessary immediate care until the emergency services arrive.

First aid for the elderly

Our first aid training in Essex also covers emergency care for the elderly. This care is extremely important because the frail and elderly are already vulnerable and more susceptible to common injuries and ailments. It’s extremely important for caregivers to be able to provide first aid across Essex to everyone who requires it. Even the moving and positioning of the elderly is a skill which needs to be learned, as their bodies are different from that of a regular adult in terms of strength and stability. Our Essex-based first aid training courses will take your staff through all aspects of first aid for the elderly on a step-by-step basis, covering with practical examples where they can get some real hands-on experience.

First aid in the workplace

Vital Workplace Training provides a number of first aid training courses for workplaces in Essex. As adults spend a lot of their time in working environments, there is always a chance an accident will occur in the workplace. In most workplaces, it’s a legal requirement for there to be a qualified first-aider. This is why we prioritise teaching first aid at work in Essex. Our first aid training for work can be tailored to provide first aid skills for the following industries: Catering & Hospitality, Childcare, Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Construction & Outdoor, and Office-Based Workplaces. We provide first aid at work training courses in Essex which are compliant with all regulations and will provide you with an accredited first aid at work certificate which lasts for three years.

While first aid emergencies could happen in any workplace, there are of course different levels of dangers associated with certain types of work. First aid in the logistics industry might be more important because staff members will be manually handling heavy objects on a daily basis. As well as our emergency first aid at work training course for medium risk businesses, we also provide moving & positioning training courses in Essex to make sure that manual workers have the handling training they need.

Other industries such as the hospitality industry and the care industry will still require first aid at work training. Regardless of your working environment, accidents can happen to anyone at any time. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be an accident. It could just be a medical emergency, like a heart attack or a stroke, which requires immediate first aid assistance until the ambulance arrives. This is why we provide our first aid at work training across Essex to businesses of all shapes and sizes. We understand the importance of first aid in the workplace and we make it our mission to train as many workplaces as possible up to the required level.

First aid for adults

While it’s important to have first aid training for specific situations, like the workplace or in a care setting, it’s also useful in everyday life. You could be having a normal day like any other, then disaster strikes and someone has an emergency. Whether it’s someone choking in a restaurant or taking a nasty fall down a flight of stairs, you never know when first aid training might come in handy. If just one person knows how to act in those crucial first few minutes after an accident, it could make all the difference for the victim and their chances of survival.


Our Essex-based first aid training courses provide workplaces with everything they need to know about first aid. From correctly responding to common injuries such as slips, trips and falls to emergency first aid which may require the use of life-saving equipment such as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), we will make sure your employees are fully prepared. To find out more, read our Ultimate Guide to First Aid. Contact us today to discuss your first at work training needs in more detail.

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