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Braintree first aid training

Essential first aid training in Braintree and the surrounding Essex area

About us

We provide first aid training courses with a twist. Say goodbye to those boring courses that send you to sleep halfway through. We’ve learned that the best way to teach important workplace training is to make it enjoyable and engaging. That way, people are more willing to learn.

What really separates our training sessions is that we customise them to meet the needs of our trainees. By using our industry experience and database of course material, we’re able to design bespoke training courses that apply directly to your industry and place of work or to what you want to learn.

First aid training in Braintree

If you’re based in Braintree or the surrounding area in Essex, we’ll come to your workplace and deliver first aid training in your working environment. This means your employees will be comfortable in their surroundings, and you won’t need to worry about transporting your trainees anywhere for their training.

We also offer open first aid training courses that anyone can sign up to. So if you are in Braintree and looking for an open first aid course to attend, get in touch and we can let you know of any upcoming dates.

Paediatric first aid training

We provide paediatric first aid training in Braintree to all institutions or individuals who work with children. Whether it’s caring for children in the education sector or babysitters who need to learn how to act in case of an emergency, our first aid training for children will teach you what you need to know. These paediatric first aid courses are also great for parents, so you know how to act if one of your children has an accident or medical emergency.

While our paediatric first aid training course is comprehensive, children of different ages require different types of care. For this reason, we provide first aid courses in Braintree for older children, toddlers and babies.

Many people don’t know how difficult it is to provide paediatric first aid. Children can quickly become flustered and panicky when they’re injured. Seeing blood might send them into shock or make them unresponsive. Or if it is a toddler or baby, they can’t tell you what is wrong or where they hurt. It’s in situations like these where you need your real practical training to kick in and help you take control of the situation.

We plan our training sessions with practical exercises built in to make sure that you get a real hands-on experience of how to act. We also regularly test all attendees throughout the session to encourage engagement and to make sure everyone is keeping up with the course material.

First aid for adults & the elderly

Knowing general first aid is extremely useful. You never know when an accident might occur. In general, people always think nothing will happen to them or those around them and it’ll always be someone else who trips and falls or who unsuspectedly chokes while eating. But really, it could happen to anyone as sometimes it can be caused by factors beyond our control. Being able to quickly and confidently react in a first aid situation could be the difference between life and death.

This is especially true for the elderly who are more vulnerable to suffering lasting effects from simple accidents. Something like a cut or a broken bone might not be too significant for a fitter, younger individual. But when inflicted on an elderly person, these injuries can be far more serious, especially for those with existing conditions.

This goes to highlight the importance of first aid for the elderly. While the emergency services are only a phone call away, it’s still important to be able to administer basic life support skills yourself while you wait for an ambulance to arrive.

First aid in the workplace

First aid in the workplace is a topic which has grown in importance in recent years. Due to the advancement of health and safety regulations, the welfare and wellbeing of employees have never been more important than they are now.

Recent studies have shown that raising the happiness of employees at work can boost productivity by 13%, so there’s also an incentive for employers to make sure everyone feels safe and happy in the workplace.

Having a sufficient number of qualified first aiders at work is now mandatory, as stated by the Health and Safety Executive. Employers must also make sure the right equipment is on-site in order to treat anyone who is taken ill at work.

Making sure your staff are well-trained and comfortable at performing first aid training at work is now essential, especially with COVID-19 increasing awareness of everyone’s health and safety. We provide first aid training for the workplace in Braintree. Regardless of your industry or working environment, we’ll ensure that your staff know how to act in case of an emergency.


Our first aid training courses cover all aspects of providing essential health care to those in real need. Whether you’re caring for the elderly or children, or you simply want to know how to react in emergency situations, our sessions are designed to impart knowledge through practical and theoretical exercises.

We focus on the quality of our sessions, being flexible and providing an excellent customer service experience for our trainees. If you work in a small office or you need your first aid training to be focused on one particular area so you don’t waste time learning something you don’t need, then just give us a call. We’re always happy to discuss your options and work with you to meet your needs.

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