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Infection Control Skills for Construction and Outdoor

Infection control specific to construction, forestry, farming, manual labour and more

  • Group courses available onsite
  • Open venues for single spaces
  • COVID-19 secure compliant

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For those workplaces in construction and outdoors which are required to demonstrate an infection control process and policy. Updated with pandemic crisis module
A 4 hour course, covered in one day will give you all the learning points in your workplace. Works best onsite in your workplace
To prove to your staff and clients that you're taking this seriously, an accredited certificate awaits at the end of the course. Renew every 12 months

What you will learn on this course

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, infection control has become more important than ever before.

After this course concludes, you will have learned:

  1. Types and transmission methods of many BBVs (Blood Borne Pathogens)
  2. The workplaces’ responsibility for infection control and law
  3. The six steps of the chain of infection
  4. Risk assessing procedures and simple control measure
  5. Common forms of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Sector Add ons: Construction and Outdoor Workplaces

  1. Personal hygiene in an outdoor workplace
  2. Construction specific infection risks
  3. Diseases in the outdoor environment
  4. Risk assessing a workplace with no access to water

We pass all of our training courses through rigorous checks to make sure they comply with relevant regulations.

The full qualification specification can be downloaded here

About your infection control skills for construction and outdoor workplaces trainers

Richard and Dan will be running your training courses and teaching you all about infection control skills for construction and outdoor workplaces. Click on their pictures to find out more about them!


We think it’s essential for workplace training to be easily accessible. For this reason, we keep our rates extremely competitive, so that employees can learn vital skills at affordable prices.

  • For onsite or group training – £275
  • Groups over 12 learners – Call us on 01376 317 760

For all other needs contact us at support@vitalworkplacetraining.com

I find booking training a headache. The team at Vital Workplace Training took all the stress out of it for me. From finding what I need to delivery, I cannot fault them. Simple, easy to understand training, good practical sessions designed around us.

Andy Whiting, Centre Manager

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To find out more information about how COVID-19 has affected our Infection Control Skills course, read our COVID-19 guide.

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