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Training Courses in Southend-on-Sea

Bespoke training courses delivered across Essex

Who are we?

Vital Workplace Training is a leading workplace training company that provides a comprehensive range of training courses in Southend-on-Sea. Our goal is to make workplaces safer by providing workforces with all the training they need to succeed.

We place a particular emphasis on training employees to deliver first aid at work as this can make the difference between life and death. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we have focused on delivering infection control, first aid and food safety courses. These are essential to make sure every measure is being taken to prevent the spread of disease and keep people safe while they work.

Where we work

We provide our workplace training courses across in Southend-on-Sea and the surrounding areas. Our courses aren’t just limited to Southend, as we deliver our training courses all over Essex and London. For many of our clients, we’ll travel to their workplace to deliver the training sessions. This means there isn’t the worry about transporting staff to us. It also means that everyone is comfortable in their environment during the training session. The focus remains on learning as much as possible.

Obviously, COVID has had an impact on what is possible and we are able to provide our training courses virtually. This can help ensure that your training is up to date and isn’t put off due to any current restrictions. Regardless of COVID, businesses need to keep working and it is important to keep working safely. So if you are based in Southend but want online first aid training, we can still help. When restrictions are lifted, we can always do a follow-up in person.

A bit about us

Here at Vital Workplace Training, we stick to the following three core values.


We do everything we can to make life as easy as possible for our clients. This includes travelling to their workplace to deliver the training, working to whichever schedule suits them best and customising our training courses to suit their specific needs. If any of our clients have any particular requests or specifications, they simply need to ask and we’ll do what we can.

Competitive prices

Workplace training is essential, and therefore should be easily accessible to whoever needs it. We regularly check our prices against current industry standards to make sure we are remaining as competitive as possible. Our group prices are also affordable and designed to cater to groups of employees to receive their training sessions together.

Sharing our experience

We believe that courses should be both informative and enjoyable. We do everything we can to avoid ‘death by presentation’ training sessions. By using jargon-free language to engage with our trainees, we make sure that we can share our knowledge of workplace training with you in the most transparent way possible.

Our workplace training courses

We deliver over fifty training courses that are designed to increase safety, productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Due to popular demand, there are some that we have come to gain particular expertise in.
First aid training

We provide a range of first aid training courses in Southend-on-Sea that cover everything from caring for children to using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). All of our first aid at work courses comply with the Health and Safety Executive Regulations 1981 and contain informative and up-to-date content.

We also provide paediatric first aid courses in Southend-on-Sea for anyone who works with or around children. This includes nannies, au pairs, nurses and teachers. Providing first aid for children is very different from first aid for adults, so it’s essential to know exactly how to administer care. Our ultimate guide to first aid goes into more detail on how first aid differs for different age groups.

Infection Control

It goes without saying that infection control has become crucial in recent times. The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to change our habits and become more conscious of preventing germs and diseases spreading than ever before.

Knowing which precautions to take and how to limit the spread of disease will be essential for anyone returning to the workplace. Our infection control courses accommodate all kinds of businesses in Southend-on-Sea. Whether you work in hospitality or childcare, we can create a customised training session to suit your needs.

Food safety

Much like infection control, food safety is of paramount importance. In order for the public to feel safe eating outside of their own homes, they’ll have to know for certain that whoever has prepared their food has done so in a hygienic manner.

We can deliver our food safety courses to restaurants, cafes and even independent caterers. If you’re looking to retrain your staff in order to reinstate the importance of food safety in a post-COVID environment, feel free to give us a call and we can plan a training session for you.

Workplace skills

Everybody wants to feel confident and comfortable at work. Staff members who have been on furlough for extended periods of time might find it difficult to step back into their previous roles and pick up from where they left off.

Our workplace skills courses teach employees the skills they need to thrive in their roles and reach maximum efficiency. If your staff members need to brush up on customer service or presentation skills, we’ve got a range of workplace skills training courses that we deliver.

Reach out to us

To find out more about our training courses and how we can help your company, get in touch today. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be happy to talk you through our course content and discuss how we can customise a course to suit your working environment.

Some frequently asked questions about our workplace training courses

Yes, one of our courses is a fire safety practical course. We understand the importance of being active in training because that’s how you’re going to have to act if there is an emergency actually happens.
Yes we can teach groups. We’d need to know how many as if it’s a large number we might have to split the session into two separate groups. Contact us to discuss the finer details.
Yes, we have a course covering the basics of COVID-19 and how you can train your staff to understand every step they can take to help slow the spread. As well as this, we would recommend you take a look at our COVID-19 support hub to provide you with further information and advice.