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Back to school - are you ready?

Navigating live classroom training and compliance for you and your team

KEY FACT 1 - HSE and the department for education both state that all expired first aid certificates need to be updated by 30th September 2020
KEY FACT 2 - Training companies are taking a "knee jerk" reaction to training and forcing schools to train in several smaller groups
KEY FACT 3 - Online only first aid has been turned down when given as a solution for compliance to legislation

The new school year begins in September, but it has been a long time since students and teachers were in the classroom. Many schools have been on furlough or working virtually due to the lockdown. As lockdown rules are easing and things are starting to look a bit more normal, we need to remember that they are actually quite far from normal. We are entering a new phase in our lives where everyone needs to be more careful. This means following all of the rules as closely as possible, thinking about so many different scenarios and being ready to change if the R rate starts going up.

Ahead of returning to more regular working hours and contact with others, it is important to make sure that your training is up to date. This is going to be important for most sectors regardless of whether there is a pandemic or not. But when everything is heightened right now, training could be one of the things that help you and others to stay healthy and safe.

We offer a range of courses that can be delivered across Essex and London. These can be carried out in a venue of your choice, whether it is a local hall, meeting room or even your workplace such as a classroom. Our first aid training courses are delivered by experienced trainers and we have updated them to ensure they are relevant to the ongoing circumstances.

It may sound like a long way off, but can you say that all your staff training is in place in preparation for kids going back to school?

Have you thought of:

If this list worries you, don’t panic. We have a few options available.

In the case that you need to brush up on your training, for example, with a first aid refresher course, then we can also accommodate for this. To find out about our first aid refresher course content, feel free to contact us for a chat.

1. Onsite training courses

Class rates starting at £450.00 for up to 12 learners, taught in the school

2. Open venue training courses

Open venues at Chelmsford, Basildon and Coggeshall. £99.00 for a space on our blended Paediatric First Aid, £120.00 for the full two days. See more details on this blended course below.

3. Online training courses

Virtual classrooms in all subjects with 100% theory. Exclusive rates for multiple bookings

Our training calendar starts in August, book your spaces now to get ahead of the rush.

Check out Training Courses pages for more info about the first aid refresher training requirements, among other courses.

How we are going to fix it

The good news is, we have the answer.

Open venue training diary

We have a wide selection of Essex and London-based Paediatric First Aid training courses uploaded to our open venue portal, where you can book a few people on to suit your calendar.

Onsite training updated

We are able to offer onsite, in house training for your teams. In order to deliver the training safely, you would need to comply with our COVID secure processes, named #weareCOVIDsecure.

Online bespoke training sessions

Technology is great, especially if it allows me to train with a cup of coffee in my hands at all times. Our online training delivery has come on in leaps and bounds, meaning that 100 theory courses can now be taught live, online.

If you need help deciding which option is best for your team, feel free to contact us

Updated paediatric first aid course ready for the kids returning

If you want to save time in the classroom but still ensure you meet the required hours, we offer a blended paediatric first aid training course where you complete half the course using our video online training then attend one day in the classroom.

This is day 2 of the paediatric level 3 and for those who have completed the online module (we can provide the online part, get in touch with us if you need to do this). It meets and exceeds the requirements laid down by Ofsted, EYFS, CSSIW and SureStart for people needing a 2 day 12 contact hour first aid course for infant and child. This group includes childminders and carers. The HSE recommend that all first aiders complete an annual first aid refresher course and our online course meets this requirement. With children starting to go back to nursery or school for more regular hours, this course will get you ready for their return. It will give you the confidence to apply your training, should it ever be needed.

All of our courses are tailored around the content you require and we offer other paediatric first aid courses, should you be looking for a different level. So if you want to make sure that your training is up to date, and you feel prepared for going back to work with children, speak to us today. The health and safety of children are of the utmost importance to us, and it’s vital we take it seriously. We will happily come to anywhere you are based, whether you need this paediatric first aid training in Essex, Suffolk, London or beyond.

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