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Is health & safety going mad?

The answer to this is usually a resounding YES!

The problem, is not HSE, but how companies apply it and use it to their own advantage, or even disadvantage.

Some companies or organisations use health and safety as an excuse to either avoid doing something they don’t want to or because they’re scared and don’t understand it. There have been some awful examples of this that can have unintended consequences such as discrimination or exclusion. This means while trying to keep people safe but also comply with the law, other rules may be broken.

It is important to apply health and safety guidelines correctly: must always remember that it is a company’s duty of care to keep people safe and that policies must consider this in a practicable manner. If you’re not sure whether you’re going overboard or perhaps aren’t being careful enough, then you may need to be trained to properly understand what you need to do.

Just remember, when people talk about health and safety ‘gone mad’, this ultimately reflects on the company who is applying it. This puts their reputation on the line.