Our Mission

We are here to make your workplace safer. Our passion as a collective of like-minded trainers is to give the best possible training experience we can offer. We achieve this by delivering high quality, personalised training courses to fit your workplace. 

By researching existing solutions, comparing it with law, providing a fresh approach and adding a splash of personality, we create a solution that has you and your team at the heart of it all. 

No one should be the position where mandatory training is boring, unresponsive or does not fulfil your workplace needs. So let us build you something better for you.

We as Vital Workplace Training  Group cover an expansive section of the country in East Anglia, London and Kent. But to reinforce our expertise and strengths that make us unique, we cover the geography as follows;

Vital Workplace Training Group covers areas in Essex London and Kent to provide top quality workplace training options built for city companies and organisations

Barclay Penny Training handles the training and community projects of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, where schools and community groups will benefit 

Compassion Medical offers its services to Essex, Cambridgeshire and Herts and Beds for Emergency Medical Training and support for businesses requiring a more solid First Aid response or Emergency Medical 

The strong advantage of having all these organisations working together is that we can cover each area with all the instructors in the group. An example;

A client in London wishes to put on training for office skills, but a client books a course of First Aid in Suffolk. Vital will call on the network of trainers to cover each booking with a trainer in that area.

As the network gets larger, the personality and expertise of the training experience becomes unique and personalized to you, our clients   

Our Partners