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Workplace stress can no longer be ignored.

During mental health awareness week, we take a look at stress at work.

Mental Health Awareness Week is slightly different this year. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is clearly going to have an impact on a huge number of people, many of whom may have never experienced any difficulties with their mental health before. While we all try to figure out a new way to work during this time, how is stress affecting our work?

Health and safety at work don’t start and finish at reducing physical risks.  Whilst stress can affect us in all areas of life it is becoming increasingly important for employers to be aware of its presence among employees. This was before the pandemic but is even more important now.

Workplace stress has reached epidemic levels and in the medical profession, it is now considered to be a major target for intervention.  As an employer, you will know that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce and one which is able to perform at its best.

The Mental Health Foundation has shared ideas with how you can look after your mental health while during the coronavirus pandemic. We highly recommend that you take a look at this, regardless of whether you are an employer or employee.

If you are managing a team who are working during this time, reach out to your staff to keep in touch with them. Don’t just discuss their day to day workload, but ask them how they are, how they feel and what you can do to help.

This is a strange time and if you need help supporting your team, get in touch and we would be happy to guide you as to what might be best.