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First Aid for a Christmas community event

This year we provided a Christmas market in Coggeshall with first aid training

First aid in a Christmas market

As you may have seen on our website, we do quite a lot of work with our local community. Whether it is offering training courses to people within local groups and charities, or supporting local events. This year we actually managed to help support a Christmas market in Coggeshall, providing a review of the risk assessments and offering on the day first aid training.

The group: Coggeshall Christmas
Their objective: Run a safe event with first aid support
Their requirements: Review their risk assessment and COVID specific risk assessment as well as offering event first aid trainers to be on-site if needed

Coggeshall Christmas cheer

Coggeshall Christmas is an event that usually draws a couple of thousand people to it each year. In normal circumstances, it is made up of an indoor and outdoor market, carols, Christmas lights turn on and some kind of activity involving Father Christmas. Clearly, all of that wasn’t possible this year – the planning alone had to be quite a last-minute as the event came just a few days after the end of the second lockdown.

COVID-19 precautions

The committee behind the event decided to stick to an outdoor market alone, with a one-way system for stalls and to shorten the length which it ran for. All of this was to try to encourage social distancing and reduce the risk for transmission of coronavirus.

Ahead of the event, we reviewed the group’s risk assessment to ensure that they had considered everything that needed to be in place, from the placement of the stalls, to how the one-way system would work with breakpoints and lanes for browsing and overtaking.

On the day, we set up a first aid point and were on hand to help if needed. We used radios to communicate with the organisers and also we took turns circulating the event to ensure that everyone was safe and no one needed help.

With everything going on, it was incredible that the event got to go ahead and we were grateful to be part of it. It still had a fantastic atmosphere and most importantly, it felt like a safe event.

Reach out to us

While we offer first aid support for events as a service, it is great to be able to do this to help our local community as these events only go ahead thanks to the time people put into them. Without volunteers planning, organising and then managing them, they simply could not happen.

If you ever need any first aid support for your events, just get in touch and we can help.

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    I have had the pleasure to meet & to be trained by Richard & Dan. Their passion for first aid was really enthusiastic & I was really impressed by their training material & first point of contact witness statements. It really made a difference compared to other first aider training.

    Francois-Xavier Martin

    Park Plaza