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COVID-19, Personal Protective Equipment and you: what do you need?

Picking your way through the confusion and lack of information to find the right solution for you

Looking for the budget friendly option in COVID-19 PPE

Whenever a crisis ensues, people panic buy. Panic buying depletes stock and takes valuable resources away from those that need it. But now the dust is beginning to settle on the pandemic of COVID-19, we are seeing supply and demand return a sustainable level.

There is a catch. What is the sustainable level of PPE for businesses delivering a customer-facing service?

Well, each workplace will be different in its needs, but the real question would be, especially with the demand rising for items such as gloves and masks; how much money do I need to spend?

I am tired of seeing people online selling items of PPE for scandalous prices. I saw an advert for a single FFP3NR (non-reusable) mask selling at £24.99. Tragically, eBay showed on the item profile that in the hour I had looked at the item, 17 people had purchased one. Disgusting.

We need a unified approach to PPE. We also must understand the occasions that it is necessary. Below is a very brief summary of face to face scenarios and what is suggested:

Out and about: none, unless on public transport
Entering a shop: none, maintain social distancing
General customer service: none, maintain social distancing
Serving food: gloves, unless within 2m. Then apply face mask
Serving a client face to face: face mask needed if within 2m
Providing a personal care service: gloves and face mask
Blood or Bodily fluids may touch you: gloves, face mask, goggles, apron, the works
Emergency or a person showing COVID-19 signs: gloves, face mask and apron

Where can we get this stuff?

Good news! In addition to our workplace training courses, Vital Workplace Training has secured a limited supply of PPE items and we are making them available to those whose risk assessment requires it

Check it out:

gloved hands fist bumping


Medical grade exam gloves: 100/box

woman in blue shirt wearing facemask

Face Masks

Surgical face masks: 50/pack

a woman driving a bus

FFP2 Masks

Anti dust and liquid masks: 10/pack

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