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Are you ready to go back to work?

Navigating live classroom training and compliance for you and your team

KEY FACT 1 - HSE and the Department for Education both state that all expired first aid certificates need to be updated by 30th September 2020
KEY FACT 2 - Training companies are taking a "knee jerk" reaction to training and forcing schools to train in several smaller groups
KEY FACT 3 - Online only first aid has been turned down when given as a solution for compliance to legislation

With most of us going back to work the emphasis is on getting the company back to normal, but can you say that all your mandatory and staff training is in place? HSE has only allowed extensions for expiry dates on certificates until the 30th September.

Have you thought of:

If this list worries you, don’t panic. We have a few options available:

1. Onsite training courses

Class rates starting at £450.00 for up to 12 learners, taught in the school

2. Open venue training courses

Open venues at Chelmsford, Basildon and Coggeshall. £99.00 for a space on our blended Paediatric First Aid, £120.00 for the full two days.

3. Online training courses

Virtual classrooms in all subjects with 100% theory. Exclusive rates for multiple bookings

Our training calendar starts in August, book your spaces now to get ahead of the rush.

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