Workplace Training

Workplace training is vital if you want your company to be functioning at its best. Providing effective training opportunities for your staff is also key in the recruitment and retainment of employees. With over half of employees (56%) saying they’d leave if they weren’t offered high quality training. You need to be providing this for your staff.


Active workplace skills for activity specific roles. For instance Working at Heights.

Fire Safety

HSE compliant Fire Safety training that meets your needs. Namely Fire Warden Training.

First Aid

Flexible HSE compliant courses built for your workplace. For Example First Aid at Work.

What they Say About Workplace Training

Paediatric First Aid

All the First aid needed for helping children. Specifically 12 Hour Paediatric First Aid.

Food Safety

FSA compliant skills for kitchens in the workplace, both work and leisure. For example Food Hygiene level 2.

Health & Safety

General safety skills for every environment in Health and Safety. As an example Manual Handling level 2.

Healthcare Courses

Care based skills for a range of Healthcare activities . For instance Moving and Positioning Level 2.


Personalised to comply with your Safeguarding assessments for volunteers, employees and clients. For Example Safeguarding for Adults level 2.

Workplace Skills

All of your office based skills needed to comply with your HSE risk assessments and compliance. Namely courses for aspiring managers or people needing customer service training.

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